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  • Better Single-period Chart Labels in 3.2

    In this example we’re showing book revenue, training revenue, and product revenue for four months.

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  • By default, charts automatically determine their Y axis scale based on the data that they’re showing. In this example the chart range is $0 to $100k.

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  • Removing Chart X and Y Axis Labels in 3.2

    You can now turn off X and/or Y axis labels on dashboard charts. This example shows the default appearance with both axes turned on.

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  • Expanded Color Palate in 3.2

    A popular feature in version 3.2 is the new color palate. We originally designed charts and text to not be able to use colors like reds, yellows, or greens because those colors can be misinterpreted as showing performance. We’ve listened to your feedback, though, and we now let you color your text and charts using a much wider variety of colors.

  • Automatically Generated Dashboards in 3.2

    When you create a new dashboard in Scoreboard, you now have the option to automatically add widgets for each KPI in the organization. It’s a great starting point for building KPI dashboards.

    This is what the “new dashboard” screen looks like now in Scoreboard.

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