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  • Linear Gauge Widgets in 3.2

    You can now add linear gauges to dashboards. Like speedometer widgets, you can configure them in all kinds of ways, including what labels or data they show. The new linear gauges automatically adjust as you resize them, and when you make them taller than they are wide, they switch to a vertical orientation.

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  • Announcing Scoreboard 3.2!

    Scoreboard 3.2 is available today, and it's our biggest releases in 15 years of business. We’ve added over 100 large enhancements, most of which were popular customer requests. Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud of this software.

    To help you discover everything 3.2 has to offer, we have free Scoreboard training videos. We’ve also put together a What's New in 3.2 Guide for Scoreboard. Finally, we’re hosting a series of free online webinars to walk you through the new features.

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  • Chart Writer Report in 3.1

    There are two new reports in version 3.1. The first one is the Chart Writer. This is the same chart that you can edit on the Scorecards Overview tab and add to dashboards.

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  • Templates in Scoreboard 3.1

    Scoreboard 3.1 now has powerful template functionality. Most templates will be created at the organization level, meaning all scorecard items, dashboards, and reports will be automatically copied to the new templated organization.

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  • Scorecard Item Swap on Dashboards in 3.1

    Scorecard items can now be swapped on dashboards in version 3.1. This allows dashboard layouts to stay the same, but the scorecard items behind the dashboard widgets to be swapped out. This is useful when copying and pasting a dashboard from one organization to another, or when adjusting dashboards after a scorecard has been edited.

    To start the swap process, click on the swap button on the dashboard as shown in Figure 10.

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