KPI Examples

Performance management starts with figuring out what to measure.

Example KPIs for the Accommodation and Food Services Industry

  • General
  • Average revenue per guest
  • Average revenue per table
  • Complaints per head
  • Complaints per order Labor cost per guest
  • Labor cost per table Minutes per table turn
  • Profit per table
  • Bar and cellar management
  • Average profit percentage on sales Carrying cost of stock Gross profit on sales
  • Sales and stocktaking discrepancies
  • Sales per head
  • Stock turnover
  • Stock value
  • Front of house and restaurant management
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Front of house labor hours
  • Food, dessert, and beverage sales per head
  • Front of house labor percentage
  • Linen costs
  • Number of customers
  • Revenue per available seat hour (RevPASH)
  • Seating efficiency
  • Strike rate - Number of diners over number of occupying guests
  • Total sales per head - Total sales divided by the number of customers.
  • Kitchen management
  • Food cost percentage - Food cost over food sales
  • Food costs per head
  • Kitchen labor percentage - Kitchen labor cost over food sales
  • Kitchen labor hours - Over sales
  • Kitchen linen costs
  • Percentage of sales per selling items
  • Stock value
  • Total food costs
  • Cash position at bank
  • Administration labor costs
  • Computer and technology efficiency (percentage of downtime, POS accuracy, staff equipment literacy rate)
  • Taxes owed
  • Return on investment
  • Sales and costs - Actual versus budget as a percentage
  • Stocktaking discrepancies per department
  • Total (short term) accounts due
  • Total accounts payable
  • Booking forecast - Future x weeks / months, special holidays
  • Number of function inquiries, percentage of campaign cost against functions
  • Marketing and advertising costs and cost per response as ratio
  • Number of customers
  • Press mentions
  • Campaign response rate
  • Sales inquiry conversion rate - The number of inquiries that turn into actual sales
  • Sales per head (across all areas)
  • Repeat visits, especially by top 100 or 200 customers
  • Staffing
  • Average hourly pay
  • Average length of employment
  • Profit/markup on function labor charge-out (caterers)
  • Labor turnover (number of new staff in any one week or month)
  • Sick days taken (as a percentage of total available working days)
  • Total labor cost percentage
  • Total labor hours per each section
  • Wage cost percentage - Wage costs as a percentage of sales

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