KPI Examples

Performance management starts with figuring out what to measure.

Example KPIs for the Waste Management and Remediation Services Industry

  • Electronics) Sub-sector indicators - For printed circuit board (PCB), semiconductor, and cathode ray tube (CRT) manufacture
  • Chemical emission rate per facility
  • Compliance with water license conditions
  • Cost per load
  • Demolition recovery index and new build recovery index
  • Discharge efficiency
  • Energy indicators
  • Facility saturation rate
  • Percentage of hazardous material over total waste
  • Percentage of reusable/recycled material
  • Percentage of sample failure
  • Percentage of total waste diverted from landfill and other disposal options
  • Percentage of waste recycled off site
  • Percentage of wastewater treatment works meeting license conditions
  • Percentage of waste reused off site
  • Percentage of waste reused on site
  • Pollution indicators (emissions to air, effluent, solid waste)
  • Potable water consumption
  • Renewable energy consumption
  • Segregation rate
  • Site level indicators of resource efficiency
  • Surface runoff efficiency
  • Total recycled content by material value
  • Transport time efficiency
  • Waste cost per carriageway or pipeline length
  • Waste cost per project as percentage
  • Waste cost per project footprint
  • Waste cost per square meter floor area
  • Waste generation (tonnage) per project
  • Waste generation (tonnage) per square meter/ foot
  • Waste generation (volume) per project
  • Waste generation (volume) per square meter/ foot
  • Wastewater discharge
  • Emissions to air
  • Acid rain, eutrophication, and smog precursors
  • Dust and particles
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Metal emissions to air
  • Ozone depleting substances
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Emissions to water
  • Nutrients and organic pollutants
  • Metal emissions to water
  • Emissions to air
  • Acids and organic pollutants
  • Metal emissions to land
  • Pesticides and fertilizers
  • Radioactive waste
  • Waste (landfill, incinerated, and recycled)

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