KPI Examples

Performance management starts with figuring out what to measure.

Example KPIs for the Construction Industry

  • Number of accidents
  • Number of accidents per supplier
  • Actual working days versus available working days
  • Cash balance - Actual versus baseline
  • Change orders - Clients
  • Change orders - Project manager
  • Client satisfaction - Client-specified criteria
  • Client satisfaction product - Standard criteria
  • Client satisfaction service - Standard criteria
  • Cost for construction
  • Cost predictability - Construction
  • Cost predictability - Construction (client change orders)
  • Cost predictability; Construction (project leader change orders)
  • Cost predictability - Design
  • Cost predictability - Design and construction cost to rectify defects
  • Customer satisfaction level
  • Day to day project completion ratio - Actual versus baseline
  • Fatalities
  • Interest cover (company)
  • Labor cost - Actual versus baseline
  • Labor cost over project timeline
  • Liability ratio (over asset) on current versus completion comparison
  • Number of defects
  • Outstanding money (project)
  • Percentage of equipment downtime
  • Percentage of labor downtime
  • Percentage of backlogs over project timeline
  • Percentage of unapproved change orders
  • Productivity (company)
  • Profit margin - Actual versus baseline profit margin over project timeline
  • Profit predictability (project)
  • Profitability (company)
  • Quality issues at available for use
  • Quality issues at end of defect rectification period
  • Ratio of value added (company)
  • Repeat business (company)
  • Reportable accidents (including fatalities)
  • Reportable accidents (non-fatal)
  • Return on capital employed (company)
  • Return on investment (client)
  • Return on value added (company)
  • Time for construction
  • Time predictability - Construction
  • Time predictability - Construction (client change orders)
  • Time predictability - Construction (project leader change orders)
  • Time predictability - Design
  • Time predictability - Design and construction
  • Time taken to reach final account (project)
  • Time to rectify defects

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