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KPI Examples

We've assembled a collection of example Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can use as a starting point when building your scorecards. We have metrics for both common departments as well as all 20 of the U.S. Government's major industry categorizations.

Customer Service View All
  • Inbound calls handled per agent hour
  • Email backlog
Finance and Insurance View All
  • Cash flow return on investments (CFROI)
  • Selling general and administrative (SG&A) expenses
Manufacturing View All
  • Overtime as a percentage of total hours
  • Percentage decrease in scrap and rework costs
Sales View All
  • Customer churn ratio
  • Gross margin per sales person
All KPI Examples View by industry or department

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Example Use Case - Managing Strategy at All Levels

We've just published a video showing how an example organization would use Scoreboard to facilitate strategy execution in:

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Note Widgets in 3.2

The new notes widget in Scoreboard allows you to see the notes for a scorecard or initiative item on your dashboard. The widget shows a preview of each note, as well as an icon showing whether there are any replies.

When you click on a note, it opens in a dialog where you can see the entire note and any replies. You can even add a reply yourself. Any notes or replies you add on a dashboard will show up in the Scorecards or Initiatives sections for that item.

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